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Year of the Mouse

It’s time to roll out my annual limited edition Christmas ornament.  This year it’s MICE.


Cute, adorable, little critters with leather ears and tails, and beady little eyes – you’ll fall in love with at least one.

These will be available at Eugene Holiday Market, booth 27 on Aurora Way, from Black Friday until the weekend before Christmas, or until we run out.

They can also be collected at Mosaic 331 at 331 Main St.  in Springfield, open Tuesday – Saturday noon to 5:30.

Mosaic 331

I am part of a group of artists that went together to rent a store front at 331 Main St. in Springfield.  There are 5 of us in the group and we each bring a different esthetic to the store – hence the name Mosaic 331.   We have wall art, crochet, felting. one of a kind lights, and wire wrapped stone jewelry (and even some wood items).

I intend to continue with Saturday Market, and a handful of shows, but this venue allows me to display some of my larger artistic work without having to cart it around to shows and risk damage and the elements.

If you are in the area, please stop in and take a look around, it has a fun, slightly mystical feel to the place, and you will certainly find something that appeals.


Only a month left until Saturday Market opens for the year.  I have been in the shop mostly messing around with things that have nothing to do with Market.  Went to Arizona to the Desert Woodturning Roundup and got lots of ideas for new pieces, perhaps some of those ideas will find a way into this year’s work.

I have applied to several shows, but it is too early to know if I will be accepted: Salem, Art in the High Desert, Silverton.  I am still on the fence about Art and the Vineyard this year, maybe it is time to take a year off and just visit it as a customer.  I will be in Corvallis, I have been invited back because I won Best of Media – Wood in 2015.

Currently working on carving and metal inlay, both techniques that require a lot of time, but the results are very satisfying, look for new posts soon to show those off.  It’s probably not too early to start doing Christmas ornaments…